Flatmate Music presents 'FLT002'. After three years of their last album 'Semeion', 'Randomicon' is ready, the new work of Retina.it is going to be released on April 2011 in the spanish label Flatmate Music. 'Randomicon' is the result of experimental sessions using modular synths, most of them constructed by Nicolo Buono. The casual approach of the timbre selection has opened new possibilities, pushing the italian duo sound to other boundaries that had characterised until today the project of Lino Monaco and Nicola Buono. The title 'Randomicon' wants to be a tribute to the 'randomness' that has determined the origin of the universe. Randomicon is released on a limited and numered edition of 500 copies on CD and every digipack is unique.

Music by Retina.it
Released by FlatMate Music
Recorded at Sy6lab
Mastered at Calyx Berlin
Artwork direction and graphic design by AP-AA
Computer programming titles by Federico Crivellaro
Distributed by Straight Distribution